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Companies are all unique in their own way:
Size, culture and the needs of their workforce are all different. Champ Elite Wellness provides wellness programs which are unique for each of our partnered companies.
We have over 10 years experience in the wellness industry and understand delivering just a standard wellness program with generalized campaigns, just do not cut it!
Instead, CEW customizes all wellness programs for effective health solutions. We pledge to uphold the Champ Certified Standard of the highest form of professionalism, customer service, character and integrity.
Our services includes: 
Personal Coaching & Group Fitness, Company Fitness Challenges, Custom Wellness Hub & Mobile App, Virtual Training, Mental Health Workshops and Dieting & Nutrition.


Over 40% of Wellness Programs fail within the first year of launching.

Servicing over 2000 employees, we understand the importance of making things simple, accessible as we as the ability  to deliver the proper programing for employee, tenant and all participant's needs.  


Wellness Hikes

Mental Health Workshops

Team Building Projects


Fitness Challenge


Champ Elite Wellness provides a wide variety of Health & Wellness options for both small and large corporates and/or Private Clubs

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We understand managing a gym can be a prodigious undertaking. Champ Elite Wellness has over 10 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry. We provide

 5 Star management solutions and health options. We focus on Gym Operations, Elite Staffing and Building a Strong Health Culture.

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Our Champ Certified Professionals are different from

your traditional trainers and wellness team.

We pledge to the Champ Elite Standard of Professionalism, Customer Service, Safety and Ingenuity of efficient & effective



- Fitness Classes 

(Yoga, Bootcamp, Cycling etc)

- Personal Coaching 

- Mental Therapist 

- Gym Staffing 

Wellness portal & APP

Begin your health culture with a custom wellness app and fitness portal 


- Mobile App

- Custom Branding 

- Progress Tracking 

- Company Step Challenges

and more


This app is the beginning of your company’s health & wellness culture…

To Guide, Motivate and Connect your community towards Health & Happiness 

This Month's Featured Workshop

Mental Health Hike

As we all are having to adjust to new normalities, it is common to feel stress and/or anxiety. This workshop allows participants to get out of their daily routines and provide a positive healthy outlet. Participants will leave with a new appreciation for nature and perceptive on helpful skills to be more effective in the workplace. In addition to the mental and physical wellness aspect, we’ve created an activity that will provide paralleled examples of what occurs in the workplace and how they can be avoid and/or solved, to include communication, support and performance


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