CF SuperFood

21 Day Program


What’s goin on people! 


We’re so excited you’re about to join us on this life changing 21 day Champ Fast Challenge (CF)!


This Journey will not only get you physically fit but mentally fit as well. Yes it will take consistency, dedication and patience but it will all be worth it when you see and feel the results! 


With the CF Challenge you’ll lean out, lose weight, but you’ll also gain strength and confidence. There’s no way you’ll want to go back to your old lifestyle once this challenge is completed!


Don’t put this off for tomorrow when you can make a change right now.  You have the power to make today better no matter your circumstances. Your desired results are right there! It starts with your thoughts, your words and then your actions!


This Challenge is designed to get you thinking and moving like a Champ! Let’s raise the bar and aim Higher!


January Challenge:    Jan 11th -31st (Sign Up Deadline Jan 5th)

February Challenge:  Feb 8th - 28th (Sign Up Deadline Feb 3rd)

March Challenge:       Mar 8th - 28th (Sign Up Deadline Mar 3rd)


 Challenge includes:

-20 day supply of CF Superfoods (1 meal replacement juice per day)
-Digital CF 21 Day Challenge Guide  
-Access to Custom Recorded workouts
-Assigned Weekly workouts and nutrition Guide
-Access to 21 Day challenge support group/community chat
-Exclusive daily assistance/motivation from Champ Elite Wellness CEO and Trainer
  Champ Babb
-Daily instructions and advice for intermittent fasting
-Once a week check-in with CHAMP

Investment: $250 

Includes Shipping: 

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Immunity Kit
Cleanse Kit
Weight Loss Kit
Belly Fix Shot