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Wealth Begins With Your Health 

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Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise yoga is taking yoga to the next level! This class will focus on balance, strength, flexibility and meditation...while enjoying the morning sunrise. Sunrise yoga is customized to fit all fitness levels.




Join us

Every Thursday

See you then!

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Fusion Fitness

Fusion Fitness is circuit style training, focusing on strength, tone, cardio and core. This class is customized to meet the needs of all fitness levels. So, If you're trying to get in shape, stay in shape or take your body to the next level….This class is for you!


Join us

 Every Tuesday

See you then!

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Champ Fitness PRO Mobile APP

Champ Fitness Pro will be your central wellness hub for all your wellness needs. Your assigned coach will be able to track progress, active levels and create custom workouts. In addition, with Champ Pro App you can book private Personal Training sessions, log daily diet, participant in fitness challenges and so much more. 

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coach's  Notes

Your first meal of the day should be well balanced 

Eat to be satisfied not full 

Stressing your muscles out for longer periods of time, will results in better muscle density

Stress and not getting enough rest can be a crucial factors towards your progression


Watch List

Items to avoid 


Sugar Intake 

Sodium (Salt)


Eating Pattern 

Recommended eating pattern for weight loss

No eating before 10am 

No eating after 9pm

13 Hour Fast


Week 1 - 4 

5 days a week workouts are suggested 



Cardio 20min

(3 time a week)


Weight Lifting 

(3 times a week)


All members have access to the Champ Elite Private help line. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact support


All members receive

10% off on all Champ Elite Products 

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